Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Why doesn’t anyone in the fandom talk about Sirius Black - Inventor Extraordinaire?

Seriously (heh) there’s a really good chance that Sirius invented:
  • A flying motorbike
  • A knife that opens any door
  • Magical Facetime (Mirrors that allow you to see the person’s face and talk to them.)
  • All of those weird trinkets and gadgets that they found in Grimmauld Place
Like everyone always says that Remus was the one who invented the Marauders Map because he was intelligent enough to figure out the components but my money is on Sirius.

Sirius staying up in the dormitory late at night, his hair pulled into a bun, chewing on his bottom lip, creating all of these magical devices.

And do you think it’s any coincidence that Fred and George’s inventions really took off after they spent a summer with Sirius? I don’t think so!

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