Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Personal Post about the HP-Themed Stuff I've been giving away:

Hullo there sweet followers,

As I sit here contemplating what the next contest will be, I keep thinking about the big trunk of magical (and a few mundane) pieces of jewelry I've created over the past year and a half. You see, I used to sell things on Etsy. Recently, I closed my shop forever. 

So I'm going to offer some of my more Potter-inclined pieces to you guys! I make my rings with Dragon Hide (with a notable exception); a formidable material with unusual magical properties:

The Slytherin
Basilisk Hide - $20 USD

 The Hufflepuff
Asian Solar Dragon Hide - $20 USD

The Pride of Gryffindor
Western European Flamescale Hide- $20 USD

Ravenclaw's Serenity
East Indian Water Dragon Hide - $20 USD

 Luna's Dreams
South American Ameranth Hide - $20 USD

No dragons were harmed to make these beauties. I have a friend in the business that sends me naturally shed bits of hide around molting season in exchange for tasty treats. :) If you want one of these unique creations (I am the only one that makes them, after all), simply send me an email using the info on the "Contact" page.

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