Monday, September 12, 2011

Hufflepuff Poem Contest Winner is... Katie!

 Dear Katie: Please provide me with your email address so I can get your info and send an owl of with your prize. :)

Hufflepuff Poem #2 from Katie! (I took a bit of artistic license with the characters, I hope that's okay. :/ )

Hufflepuffs Stand Strong

She sat on a bench,
Nestled in a nook carved into a wall.
Watching the students
Shove through crowded halls.

Nobody had time for the world around,
To consider the story each passing child held.
They were all looked over without second thought,
Holding concern for only themselves.

Not for Earnie MacMillan,
heart in the right place.
His father's a drunkard,
Mother wears a brave face.

Not for Justin Finch-Fletchley,
A curly-haired Muggleborn lad.
Sister's in asylum talking of witches,
They all say she's gone mad.

Not for Hannah Abbott,
sweetest girl of them all.
Her poor Muggle mother
Killed in a Death Eater brawl.

Not for handsome Cedric Diggory,
Prettiest face in the school.
Dad's affair with a Veela which brought on his son
For Mum's deep depression gave only the fuel.

Not for Susan Bones on the bench in the nook
Who once witnessed death with grey silent eyes
Unable to reach out and helpless to fight
As her parents and family were plucked from her life.

Their misfortunes well-hidden,
Not a single soul suspected
What labyrinth of misery and self-destruction
Left each badger affected.

While Slytherins are cunning,
Gryffindors do no wrong,
Ravenclaws are logical,
And Hufflepuffs stand strong. 
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