Sunday, May 29, 2011

How silly of me! We haven't been introduced.

I'm Sabrieth, but I might as well be Peeves with how much I love to laugh at poor Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived (to be hilarious).

I've been a Potter fan since I was 12 (coincidentally, I started reading when Chamber of Secrets came out, so Harry and I grew up together, with my birthday being just a month before his). Harry kept me company during the long years I was stuck in Italy, far away from my native home in America.

As most of my friends have expressed (all of us in our twenties), it's really hard to let Harry go, and all start living our adult lives separately. So I decided to make a blog just for him and the rest of the Wizarding world. My blog isn't very unique (we ALL love Harry Potter, after all), but it is maintained with love for the books and movies.

Felix Felicis, everyone, and enjoy the Potter Madness!
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